Saturday, January 29, 2011

Couch Surfin'

Welcome to my blog!  I'm new to all this so cut me some slack as I find my "legs" with this whole blogging thing.  I have been brainstorming as to what the theme of my blog should be, still haven't figured it out but I'm sure it will evolve as I go.  Of course there will be a lot of cycling content! Cycling is a huge part of my life, both in work and in play.  (I guess you can call that work/life balance?!)  Though it never happened I was thinking of starting a blog last season as a way of documenting my return from injury.  In 2009 I injured my knee mountain biking - 1 month before my wife and I were to head out west to race TransRockies.  (making a long story short) I had 3 surgeries in the span of 6 months to put my knee back together, and with a lot of rehab was able to race in the 2010 TransRockiesI would say that being able to come back from that type of injury (I was house bound for over 2  months)  and still be able to compete in a 7 day stage race a year later is my biggest accomplishment as a cyclist - And hopefully the last time I have to spend that much time on the couch!
First extended trip out of the house, September 09 (Photo courtesy AWI)
TransRockies finish line 2010


  1. did i take that picture of you on the crutches? no photo credit? but i am pleased to see some new blogs to read

  2. Welcome to the evil blog empire