Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

I was really hoping to return to an early spring like we had last year, but deep down knew that it wasn't realistic.  I did decide that upon my return home that, no matter what, I wouldn't ride on the trainer for the rest of the winter.  After a crazy week following my return and a weekend of Toronto bike show insanity things are returning to normal (well, as normal as things get with me).  I have bundled up and had a few decent rides outside since the bike show, it's not too cold and the roads have been pretty dry.  Drivers on the other hand are pretty confused about me being on the road. 
Usually the drivers in this area are pretty used to seeing cyclists on the road and are generally pretty courteous.  These drivers have a pretty short term memory when it comes to human powered vehicles on the road.  Over the winter they forget that cyclists exist.  I can hear their thoughts now when they see their first few riders in the spring "What is that thing that guy is sitting on?  What do I do now?   Do I honk at him?  Do I pretend he's not there?  Do I stay in my lane even if it means almost hitting him with my mirror?   Do I slow down or speed up?"  Then there are the drivers that just don't see you, because they don't expect anyone to be there.  I managed to meet a few of both of those drivers this morning, but survived to ride another day.  You've gotta have eyes in the back of your head as a cyclist!


  1. Love the Princess Bride quote, also you should come by the trek store tonight to get info on the BCC,

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  3. Hey Jeremy, you should really be careful when cycling at that area, i normally wear bright colored coat otherwise the drivers are pretty road blind.


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