Monday, February 28, 2011

Epson sucks.

Trek Store Epson timeline:

June 2008 - Epson Fax/Scanner/Printer purchased.

Aug. 2008 - through Jan 2010 - colour cartridges replaced every 3 months despite never having used colour ink.  The machine won't work unless there are new colour cartridges installed.

Jan. 2010 - fed up with the fax machine it was replaced (in anger) with a far superior HP black and white laser unit.  It works perfectly.

Feb. 26th 2011 -
Don - "Check this out, I just got a new colour printer for the store!" 
Jeremy - "You bought an Epson?  What were you thinking?  Do you remember the problems we had with our old fax machine?" 
Don - Yeah, but it was only $40" 
Jeremy - "OK, we'll see".

Feb. 28th 2011- New printer will not work until we replace the yellow cartridge, less than 24 hours after it was hooked up to our computer.  Awesome.

Lesson learned?

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